**Celebrating 20 Years: Dual Heritage Fashion Collection at York Fashion Week**

**Celebrating 20 Years: Dual Heritage Fashion Collection at York Fashion Week**

Celebrating 20 years in Yorkshire, I’ve created a collection to honour my dual heritage for @yorkfashionweek

Reflecting on my time in Yorkshire, I see how much this place means to me. It’s not just where I live; it’s where I found friends, raised my children, worked, learned important things, and felt like I belong. The beautiful countryside and friendly people have shaped who I am. Yorkshire is a place of strength, tradition, and lasting friendships. It’s more than just a location; it’s my home, full of memories that will stay with me forever.

Zimbabwe my birth country also holds a special place in my heart because I spent 20 important years of my life there. It’s more than just a country; it’s a part of my identity, filled with memories, traditions, and connections. Zimbabwe represents my roots, family, and the experiences that shaped me. It’s a land of beauty, resilience, and rich culture that continues to inspire me every day. Zimbabwe isn’t just a place I’ve lived; it’s a piece of who I am, woven into my being.

For my York Fashion Week collection, I used African print fabric and Yorkshire fabric. This blend reflects my journey and celebrates the cultures of both places.

Thank you to all my wonderful over-40s models, who showcased my collection with such grace and diversity. I also extend my gratitude to the My Generation show by @rachelperu1 for York Fashion Week for providing this platform.
Like always this wouldn’t be a success without a team of creatives behind the scenes .

Head of makeup @jacka_mua and his incredible team

Amazing photography by
Thank you @clarendonfineartofficial for giving me an opportunity to exhibit in your gallery I’m truly grateful 🙏
Thank you @jorvikradio and wonderful team .
Not forgetting you my wonderful supporters who supported me

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